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W.A.Mozart Offertorium from KV626 with Choir- & Studiostring-Samplelibraries

Only choir libraries are used that imitate the speech sound with a real Wordbuilder. The Soloists are always from Virharmonix Soloists of Prague

The range of sampled choirs and studio string ensembles shows clear differences. The smallest choir is Virharmonics Voices of Prague, while EastWest Symphonic Choir is noticeably larger. The Hollywood Choir is the largest choir used.

The numbers given for the strings indicate the number of instrumentalists in the order violins 1, violins 2, violas, cellos, basses.

Since the acoustics of a church interior are used, only studio orchestra strings are chosen, to which the church acoustics can still be added.

The wind instruments such as the alto trombone or the bass horn, some of which are seldom used today, are VSL-VI brass sample libraries.

(you will find recordings of the Offertorium on klassik-resampled.de in large Choir and Stringssections) and small Choir and Stringssections)

Comparison of Choir & Studiostring-Samplelibraries

Strings-Library Full recording only Orchestra only Choir-Soloists
Spitfire Studio Strings Pro. (Vl1 8, Vl2 6, Vla 6, Vc 6, B 4) Virharmonic Voices of Prague
Spitfire Chamber Strings Pro. (Vl1 4, Vl2 3, Vla 3,Vc 3, B 3)
Cinematic Studio Strings (Vl1 10, Vl2 7, Vla 7, Vc 6, B 3) EastWest Symphonic Choir
8dio Century Strings (Vl1 6, Vl2 4, Vla 6, Vc 4, B 4)
VSL-Synchron Strings Professional (Vl1 14, Vl2 10, Vla 8, Vc 8, B 6) EastWest Hollywood Choir
VSL-Dimension Strings (Vl1 8, Vl2 6, Vla 6, Vc 6, B 4)