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L.v.Beethoven Overture op.43 with orchestral-Samplelibraries

The brilliant overture in particular requires a variety of fast, precise playing styles in all dynamic and pitch registers.

(you will find the recording of Beethovens Prometheus Overture op.43 on klassik-resampled.de)

Comparison of orchestral-Samplelibraries

Spitfire Vienna Symphoni Library other
Spitfire BBCSO Pro VSL Synchron Strings Pro 8Dio Century Strings & Brass
Spitfire Studio Orchestra Pro. VSL Synchron Strings I 8Dio Anthology Strings & Century Brass
Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra Pro. VSL Synchronized Dimension Strings Cinematic Studio Strings & NI Symphonic Series
VSL Symphonic Cube EastWest Hollywood Orchestra
IK Multimedia Sampletank 4

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